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Peter Drucker biography

Peter Drucker

Managing for Results

Leif Edvinsson biography

Leif Edvinsson

Intellectual Capital

Edward Freeman biography

Edward Freeman

Business Ethics

Philippe Haspeslagh biography

Philippe Haspeslagh

Managing for Value

Robert Kaplan biography

Robert Kaplan

Balanced Scorecard

Alan A. Kennedy biography

Alan Kennedy

End of Shareholder Value?

Art Kleiner biography

Art Kleiner

Core Groups

Baruch Lev biography

Baruch Lev

Intangible Assets

Abraham Maslow biography

Abraham Maslow

Hierarchy of Needs

Jim McTaggart biography

Jim McTaggart

The Value Imperative

Michael Porter biography

Michael Porter

Competitive Advantage

Stephen F. O'Byrne biography

Stephen O'Byrne


Alfred Rappaport biography

Alfred Rappaport

Shareholder Value

Joel M. Stern biography

Joel M. Stern

Economic Value Added

Thomas Stewart biography

Thomas Stewart

Intellectual Capital

Michael Treacy biography

Michael Treacy

Value Disciplines

Jack Welch biography

Jack Welch

King of Shareholder Value

S. David Young biography

S. David Young 




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