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The End of Shareholder Value - Allan A. Kennedy

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VBM Thought Leader: Allan Kennedy

The End of Shareholder Value -

The Real Effects of the Shareholder Value Phenomenon and the Crisis it is Bringing to Business


Alan A. Kennedy


About Allan A. Kennedy: biography / resume / curriculum vitae


Allan Kennedy is a writer and a management consultant living in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kennedy  consults a wide variety of organizations in the United States and Europe.


He was formerly the president of a microcomputer software company and a partner of several major consulting firms.


Kennedy has also co-written with Terence e. Deal: "Of Corporate Cultures and The New Corporate Cultures". Alan A. Kennedy lives in Boston, Massachusetts.







The End of Shareholder Value


About The End of Shareholder Value


"The End of Shareholder Value" is a highly critical book to the shareholder value philosophy, making a compelling case for the broadening of corporate purpose, objectives and values. Kennedy predicts (2000) clearly and convincingly how he expects the various stakeholder groups will react to the shareholder value philosophy if implemented in an imbalanced and one-sided way.


These stakeholder groups are:

   1. Employees,

   2. Government,

   3. Suppliers,

   4. Customers.


A classic already, bearing in mind what Bernard Shaw once wrote: "A man never tells you anything until you contradict him", this book is a "must" for any top manager or board director.


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