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VBM Thought Leader: Michael Treacy biography

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Michael Treacy: biography / resume / curriculum vitae

Michael Treacy is an internationally-known expert on corporate strategy and business process transformation. He is pioneering a whole new approach to customer, industry, and competitive analysis. Known as Value Disciplines, Treacy's powerful concept shows how market leaders deliver exceptional value by focusing on three "disciplines": operational excellence; product leadership; and customer intimacy. A highly sought-after speaker for senior executive audiences, Treacy has been the keynote speaker for such sponsors as the American Marketing Association, the Conference Board, and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.


Michael Treacy has had a distinguished career aiding senior management of major corporations around the world, transforming their businesses. His book, The Discipline of Market Leaders, is a business bestseller. It outlines the principles of strategic growth through transformation, and many companies are using these principles to drive their strategic thinking and build competitive advantage. Mr. Treacy was a Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He currently serves as an Advisor to the National Board of the United Way of America.

Mr. Treacy received his BS from The University of Toronto and his Ph.D from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Michael Treacy's personal interests center around his family, Chinese export art, and sports, especially baseball.

Michael Treacy's new book, Double-Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve It-No Matter What presents a common sense approach for achieving superior profitable growth. It is based on his last eight years of research and consulting with companies large and small. It introduces the Growth Portfolio, a concept that is sure to become as widely adopted as his earlier work on customer value leadership. The Growth Portfolio decomposes the problem of growth into five distinct disciplines, each with its own opportunities and managerial challenges. The book discusses each growth discipline and the strategies for managing a collection of growth opportunities. Case examples detail the successes and failures of scores of companies as they manage through turbulent markets and apply the concepts detailed in this book.





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