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Inclusive Value Measurement

Managing and integrating diverse sources of value:

Summary of M'Pherson's IVM. Abstract


Professor P.K. M'Pherson



Edvinsson, Corporate Longitude

Kaplan, Norton, The Strategy- Focused Organization

Standfield, Intangible Management

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 'IVM' stands for Inclusive Value Measurement.  IVM breaks new ground to take value streams over and above financial ones.  This allows Inclusive Value Measurement to provide a way to manage and integrate diverse sources of value.  With Inclusive Value Measurement, all aspects of value can be measured, combined, integrated and managed, including intangible assets and processes - in a way that is valid and reliable. Inclusive Value Measurement can be used to:

  • Optimize Value for Money for businesses, services and projects

  • Manage Cost-Benefit Analysis and Life-cycle Cost-Effectiveness design projects

  • Account properly for Intangible Value, such as: Intellectual Capital, Reputation and Information

  • Establish the monetary equivalent of value contributions accruing from Intangible Assets

  • Provide a modeling environment for Strategic Decision-making and Complexity Management

  • Conduct and visualize complex trade-offs between costs and benefits

  • Act as a valid measuring instrument for Business Value

T I P : Here you can discuss and learn a lot more about Inclusive Value Measurement.

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