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Hackett benchmarking best practices improvement benchmark database collaborative learning


benchmarking best practices  improvement benchmark database collaborative learning

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817 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308
Tel: (404) 682-2323
Fax: (404) 682-2507

Email:  hackett@answerthink.com


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Hackett benchmarking best practices improvement benchmark database collaborative learning programs

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Short Organization Profile

Backed by a renowned benchmark database of nearly 2,000 global participants, The Hackett Group provides unbiased, empirically driven guidance on best-practices-based improvements. We provide comprehensive services ranging from benchmarking, to collaborative learning, to research and business advisory services, offering clients a level of detail and insight available nowhere else.

From traditional, comprehensive studies to targeted, strategy-focused analyses, our benchmark studies are designed to evaluate both the value and efficiency of your organization's business processes. For those requiring a full analysis -- consider our full benchmark for the most complete performance examination. For those who have done a full benchmark in finance or IT once before - our Hackett Business-Value Index (BVI) lets you pinpoint exactly where to prioritize further improvement efforts and position your organization within the overall business strategy.

Combine a benchmark of a specific administrative process and membership in a peer-based, knowledge-sharing community - and what you get is a potent tool for identifying improvement opportunities while also promoting ongoing learning. Open data-sharing, regularly scheduled conferences and Web casts and exclusive white papers let members learn from those experiencing the same challenges. This offering is especially suited for BVI participants, as it helps realize opportunities identified in specific areas.

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