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Entrepreneurial Government

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Principles of Reinvention

Osborne and Gaebler

Summary of Entrepreneurial Government. Abstract

David Osborne Ted Gaebler (1992)

According to Osborne and Gaebler (Governments that are tall, sluggish, over-centralized, and preoccupied with rules and regulations don't work well. "We designed public agencies to protect the public against politicians and bureaucrats gaining too much power or misusing public money. In making it diffcult to steal the public's money, we made it virtually impossible to mange the public's money... In attempting to control virtually everything, we became so obsessed with dictating how things should be done - regulating the process, controlling thwe inputs - that we ingored the outcomes, the results. Osborn and Gaebler ercommend Ėntrepreneuroial Government", government that can - and must - compete with for-profit businesses, nonprofirt agencies, and other units of government.

Osborne's and Gaebler's Ten Principles of Reinvention are:

  1. Catalytic Government (steering rather than rowing)

  2. Community-owned Government (empowering rather than serving)

  3. Competitive Government (injecting competition into service delivery)

  4. Mission-driven Government (transforming rule-driven organizations)

  5. Results-oriented Government (funding outcomes, not inputs)

  6. Customer-driven Government (meeting the needs of the customer, not the bureaucracy)

  7. Enterprising Government (earning rather than spending)

  8. Anticipatory Government (prevention rather than cure)

  9. Decentralized Government (from hierarchy to participation and teamwork)

  10. Market-oriented Government (leveraging change trough the market)

David Osborne's and Ted Gaebler's model for Entrepreneurial Government led to the initiation of the National Performance Review (NPR) by Vice president Al Gore in 1994.

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