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Impact/Value framework

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Value of Information Technology

Summary of the Impact/Value Framework. Abstract

Michael Hammer and Glenn Mangurian

In their 1987 article "The changing value of communications technology" Michael Hammer and Glenn Mangurian presented the Impact/Value framework that can be used to think about the value of Information Technology.

Impact/Value framework

As for Time, in particular time compression is important
As for Distance, in particular overcoming geographical limitations are significant
As for Relationships, sometimes organizational relationships can be redefined.

Efficiency is Doing the “thing” right, for example increased productivity.

Effectiveness is Doing the “right” thing, for example better management.
Innovation is Doing “new” things, for example improved products and services.

Alternatively, the benefits of Information Technology can be categorized as:

A. Strategic Benefits

    A1. Competitive Advantage

    A2. Alignment

    A3. Customer Relations

B. Informational Benefits

    B1. Information access

    B2. Information quality

    B3. Information flexibility

C. Transactional Benefits
    C1. Communications Efficiency
    C2. Systems Development Efficiency
    C3. Business Efficiency

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