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What is Value? Definition

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What is Value?

Definition of Value.


This question - What is value? - is more important and also more complex than most people think.

In fact, the question appears to be almost identical to the question: Why do we exist? We are entering here into a very complex terrain, on the crossing of economics, strategy, finance, management, sociology, philosophy, ethics, and for many people also religion...

I believe it is for me as editor of this Management Portal not appropriate to give you a generic answer to this fundamental question (even if I could).

That is not to say that making up your own mind about this question is not important, whether you are a business executive, an MBA  student, an academic or consultant working in one of the above fields of interest.

To facilitate you to think further on this topic (and make up your own mind) we recommend www.valuequotes.net, a website offering sayings and quotations of the greatest thinkers of all times on what constitutes value. By reading these Value Quotes, you are enabled to consider the whole spectrum of options and try to synthesize your personal answer to the question: What is Value?

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