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Jaap de Jonge

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About me

Dear Visitor,

In an attempt to 'boldly go where no one has gone before' this management portal was created.

Value Based Management.net - Anything on value creation, managing for value and valuation.

The website is aimed at senior managers with an interest in such things as:

  • Strategy

  • Finance

  • Governance

  • Change

  • Organization Cultures

  • Corporate Reputation

  • Stakeholder Communications, and

  • Leadership.

Managers are representing over 60% of all visitors. However, in the mean time also many MBA students have found their way to this site and are most welcome!

Also check out the more recent, multilingual and interactive 12manage platform on management. It has many improvements.

A special thanks to all that provided suggestions to improve this portal.

I wish you all the best in making the right decisions for your corporations and hope that Value Based Management.net will contribute to a better understanding of shareholder and stakeholder value creation, managing for value, and valuation.

Best regards,

Jaap de Jonge

Jaap de Jonge

Jaap de Jonge

"For every complex problem there is a simple solution that is wrong”.

(G.B. Shaw 1856-1950, Irish critic and poet)


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