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Value Based Marketing - Creating customer value

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J. Nicholas DeBonis, Eric Balinski, Phil Allen

Value-Based Marketing for Bottom-Line Success

5 Steps to Creating Customer Value



Value Based Marketing - creating customer valueDeBonis, Balinsky and Allen created an interesting angle on Value Based Marketing, with this hands on, practical book, introducing a 5-step model for creating customer value:


 1. Discover and quantify needs,


 2. Commit to impact your customers,


 3. Create meaningful and understandable customer value,


 4. Assess how you did,


 5. Improve your value package.


DeBonis, Balinsky and Allen are experienced business consultants with a focus on Value Based Marketing. In Value-Based Marketing for Bottom-Line Success, 5 steps to creating customer value they show how companies can and should provide consistent and real value to each customer, how corporations can make their value package superior to that of their competitors, and how they can increase profitability while continuing to offer top customer value. Recommended for people wanting to rethink business strategy in a Value Based Management oriented corporation.

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