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Questions of Value - Andrew Black

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Andrew Black - Questions of Value

Master the latest developments in value based management, investment and regulation

 Black Questions of Value book

Andrew Black, Questions of Value


Andrew Black: biography / resume / curriculum vitae


Mr Andrew Black holds a PhD and MSc in Economics from Birkbeck College, and a BA in Economics from Sussex University.

He is currently Managing Director of Building Value Associates Ltd, a financial consulting firm. He was previously a director of PwC, responsible for the Value Based Management / Shareholder Value team. Earlier he worked for several banks as an economist and equity analyst, and as a global investment strategist. He also coauthored the book "In Search of Shareholder Value (1998)" and wrote a number of articles and papers on corporate governance and government industrial policy.

The book: Questions of Value (2004)

Questions of Value is made up of 11 well written expert articles, explaining about recent developments in the field of Value Based Management.

It shows the book is really a work of love. Mr. Black is clearly an expert in VBM and wrote a highly interesting contribution himself, but more importantly he deserves credit for having been very sensitive on who he 'selected' for the sub-topics of the book. As a result, the book is a fantastic bouquet of expert-opinions bringing the reader up to speed on many issues top managers are facing today.

Questions of Value is divided in three parts, three "Questions":

I.   Questions of investing (Strategic significance of managing for long term value)

  1. Investors and long-term shareholder value (Paul Lee - Hermes Investment Management, Financial Journalist) *****

  2. CalPERS' role in corporate governance (Jose Arau - CalPERS, Principal Investment Officer ) *****

  3. European pensions: Progress, problems and potential (Elizabeth Legge - Economic / Financial Researcher) *****

II.  Questions of financial reporting (Measuring and validating financial performance)

  1. Grasping the intangible (Alison Thomas - PwC ValueReporting, Management Consultant) *****

  2. Whither the bean counters? The current and future shape of auditing (Andrew Black with Etienne Piciocchi) *****

  3. The shareholder income statement: A proposal ... (Colin Clubb - Imperial College, Professor of Finance) *****

  4. Accounting at energy firms after Enron: Is the "cure" worse than the "disease"? (Richard Bassett and Mark Storrie - Value Analytics, Managing Director) *****

III. Questions of delivery (Implementing VBM)

  1. A clients perspective on Value Based Management- A case study (David Gee - Corporate Planning Controller) *****

  2. Management consultants and managing for shareholder value (J.A. Barbour - Former Director PA Consulting and former Partner Marakon, Corporate Value Improvement, Managing Director) *****

  3. Achieving valuable growth through M&A: Boardroom lessons for the acquisition game (Mark L. Sirower - Boston Consulting Group, Global Leader M&A Practice) *****

  4. Linking capital allocation to individual capital expenditure decisions (Erik Ottoson and Fredrik Weissenrieder - Anelda, Chairman) *****

Typical for the contributions in Questions of Value is that they go at least one step further then what you can find in your Financial Newspaper or in fact in your HBR or S+B.

Each of the contributions is valuable reading material; taken together it doesn't get any better.

Conclusion: Andrew Black's Questions of Value is a 'must'  for those professionally involved in shareholder value creation, and is highly recommended reading for board members, top managers, financial analysts, senior management consultants, senior accountants and MBA students alike.

Black Questions of Value book



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