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Gallup organizational performance management

Gallup organizational performance management



Organization Profile


The Gallup Organization has studied human nature and behavior for more than 70 years. Gallup has leveraged this deep understanding of human nature and behavior to develop research-based measurement tools, development programs, and strategic advisory services with one single purpose in mind: to help organizations and individuals maximize their performance.

Gallup's 2,500 professionals deliver advisory services and development programs at client sites, through the Web, at Gallup University campuses, and in more than 40 offices in 20 countries around the world.

Solutions for Managing an Organization's Emotional Economy
Gallup research and recent advances in economics, psychology, and the neurosciences have led Gallup researchers to discover how organizations can win in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. A new model has emerged -- one that provides conclusive evidence that organizations can only reach their full potential by emotionally engaging their employees and customers.

Gallup offers an organizational performance management system -- The Gallup Path -- based on proven, revolutionary strategies used by the world's most successful businesses. The Gallup Path enables leaders and managers to harness the power of the emotional economy.

Gallup's consultants work with organizations to develop and implement systems and processes that focus on four areas of management discipline.

Gallup has the resources and experience to support organizations that seek to improve their business performance by developing better leaders, more profitable customers, and more productive employees. Our successes demonstrate Gallup's effective consulting and performance improvement solutions.

Maximizing Organizational Performance

Gallup organizational performance management solutions can be deployed in any size or type of organization. In addition to working with many of the world's largest and most prestigious for-profit companies, Gallup consultants have assisted government agencies, school systems, and non-profit organizations to improve their performance.


Activities Services


Gallup scientists and consultants have developed powerful integrated solutions to:

- devise and implement an effective organizational performance strategy
- provide executive performance coaching for senior leaders
- measure and improve customer engagement
- measure and improve employee engagement
- recruit and hire world-class performers
- teach all employees to identify, deploy, and develop their strengths
- create an objective and easy-to-use performance appraisal and review system
- develop an effective succession planning system
- design a performance-based compensation system for all roles





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