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European Corporate Governance Institute - ECGI

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ECGI European Corporate Governance

ECGI - European Corporate Governance Institute




Organization Profile

The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) is improving Corporate Governance through independent scientific research and related activities.

The ECGI is an international scientific non-profit association, providing a forum for debate and dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on major corporate governance issues and thereby promoting best practice.

Its primary role is
to undertake, commission and disseminate research on corporate governance. Based upon impartial and objective research and the collective knowledge and wisdom of our members, we can advise on the formulation of corporate governance policy and development of best practice and undertake any other activity that will improve understanding and exercise of corporate governance. .

The European Corporate Governance Institute has close links with the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and co-operates with other institutions that are active in the field, for example the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and the Global Corporate Governance Forum (GCGF).

In seeking to achieve its aim of improving corporate governance, ECGI acts as a focal point for academics working on corporate governance in Europe and elsewhere, encouraging the interaction between the different disciplines, such as economics, law, finance and management.

Current ECGI Research Topics include: Applied Econometrics and Macroeconomics | Auctions | Banking | Capital markets | Commercial Law | Comparative Corporate Governance |  Contract Theory and Law and Economics  |  Corporate Control  |  Corporate Finance  |  Corporate finance and financial institutions  |  Corporate finance and governance  |  Corporate Finance Theory  |  Corporate Governance  |  Corporate Governance and Corporate Control  |  Corporate Investment Models  |  Corporate Law  |  Cost of capital  |  Costs of bankruptcy and financial distress  |  Dividend Policy  |  Economics of art  |  Economics of sports  |  Ethical investing  |  European Business Law  |  European Community Law  |  Financial distress  |  Financial Economics  |  Financial Institutions  |  Financial Services Regulation  |  Financing of innovative companies  |  Impact of taxation on corporate financing decisions  |  Industrial Economics  |  Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)  |  Interaction of corporate finance with investment and commercial banking  |  Intergenerational Transfers  |  International Securities and Banking Regulation  |  International Securities Regulation  |  Investment banking  |  Investments  |  Law and economics  |  Law and finance  |  Liquidity Constraints  |  Mergers  |  Mergers and acquisitions  |  Portfolio Choice  |  Portfolio management and performance evaluation  |  Pricing anomalies  |  Proxy Voting  |  Rights issues  |  Role of financial intermediation in economic development  |  Saving  |  Securities Regulation  |  Tax Arbitrage  |  Value Dimensions of Social Institutions  |  Venture Capital  |  Venture capital and entrepreneurial finance

The European Corporate Governance Institute articulates its work by expanding on the activities of the European Corporate Governance Network, disseminating research results and other relevant material through this website.

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