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CFROI Valuation- Bartley J. Madden

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 Bartley J. Madden - CFROI Valuation

A Total System Approach to Valuing the Firm


Bartley J. Madden - CFROI Valuation - A Total System Approach to Valuing the FirmBartley Madden is a partner at HOLT Value Associates LP, an international Value Based Management consulting firm.


The CFROI model applies dividend discount technique to inflation-adjusted cash flow growth projections, using a firm-specific risk premium plus the market-required rate of return to determine the firms warranted value and the equity's warranted price. CFROI valuation resolves two fundamental equity valuation issues: the recognized fallibility of the Capital Asset Pricing Model and the inherent inconstancy of accounting data. The former supplying a counter-intuitive cost of capital or required rate of return; the other concealing the real prospects of the firm's wealth creating efforts. As the lengthy flow charts detailing the process required to turn accounting hash into economic reality attest, CFROI valuation is not a black box of unexplained miracles. It's a sweatshop equipped with empirically-proven, high tech tools which give the driven amateur and dedicated professional the means to outrun the herd.

The purpose of this comprehensive book is, according to the back flap, threefold:

1. to explain in detail HOLT's CFROI valuation model,

2. to show the CFROI model's unique benefits, and

3. to encourage more productive thinking about issues involving the management of business firms and shareholder value.


Madden succeeded in achieving all three of these objectives, thus creating the ultimate book on CFROI valuation available on the market today.

Highly recommended if you want to dive deep into CFROI valuation details and benefits.

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