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 James A. Knight

Value Based Management

- Developing a Systematic Approach to Creating Shareholder Value

James A. Knight - Value Based Management - Developing a Systematic Approach to Creating Shareholder ValueJames Knight, the founder of SCA Consulting, gives a clear definition of the nature of corporate value and also provides many examples of how companies have successfully managed for value. Well written and crisp book introduces 5 main categories of Value Based Management:

1. value based goal-setting,

2. value based strategy,

3. value based decision making,

4. value based performance measures and

5. value based compensation strategy.


Also it deals with 4 key management processes when installing Value Based Management:

1. Value Based Strategic Planning,

2. Value Based Budgeting

3. Value Based Reporting, and

4. Value Based Incentives.


With its clear diagrams, explanations, and cases, Value Based Management demonstrates how every decision your management team makes can consistently create shareholder value. Its comprehensive benefits include a clear definition of the nature of corporate value, and how the act of enhancing it can create positive reverberations throughout the entire company; examples of companies that have successfully managed for value and how they have done it, alongside examples of companies that failed to manage for value and how you can avoid their pitfalls; and explanations of how Value Based Management creates the optimal balance between short and long term decisions, and helps your managers balance the trade offs between improved levels of profit and greater growth. Like so many journeys, the toughest step when focusing your company on Value Based Management is the first step. Focus on the strategy and business questions it raises, then think about how its solutions can be tailored to fit your company. Once you have begun to implement Value Based Management your shareholders, along with your customers and employees, will recognize and reap the profitable benefits of a value based corporate mindset.

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