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Implementing your Strategic Plan

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 C. Davis Fogg

Implementing your Strategic Plan

How to Turn "Intent" Into Effective Action for Sustainable Change


Implementing your Strategic Plan is about making change happen. Davis Fogg states that the single most important factor in the change equation is leadership. Implementing your Strategic Plan consists of a chapter by chapter discussion of 18 keys to implementing a strategic plan.

The 18 keys are grouped into five categories of how strategy implementation can be most successful:

1. setting accountability,

2. enabling and aligning action,

3. fixing the organization,

4. providing an environment in which people can excel, and

5. judging and rewarding.

A detailed book which begins with an interesting summary of findings from Davis Fogg's survey of CEOs and key executives who were successful in implementing change. One insight stands out from these findings: teams don't develop paradigm shift strategies; CEOs do.


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