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PRISM - Intangibles Measurement

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PRISM - Intangibles Measurement

PRISM Intangibles Measurement and Management




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PRISM (Policy-making, Reporting and Measuring, Intangibles, Skills development, Management) is a multi-disciplinary European initiative aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding the management and measurement of intangibles in the modern economy. The PRISM group believes that intangible investments - in areas such as R&D, know-how, software, brands, licenses, copyrights, and organizational design - are the drivers of both competitive advantage and economic value creation. Our ability to effectively track these key economic assets is limited and recent work, notably in the United States, has exposed the significant gaps in intangibles  measurement and management frameworks in use today, and has highlighted some of the detrimental effects that this may have over the longer term.

PRISM is pursuing a programme of market-oriented policy research focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the emerging conceptual business models and market practices in order to identify priority areas where the current corporate, market and regulatory systems need attention.

There is a growing awareness in the academic, corporate, investor and public policy communities that these systems, which were devised for a 19th century economic context, have failed to keep pace with the economic realities. During the life of its research project, PRISM aims to build an integrated community of practice made up of those who share these views to stimulate much-needed change in practices. Such practices pertain to policy-making decisions at a governmental level, data, measurement and reporting systems throughout the economy, and the management challenges posed by operating in a context increasingly dominated by weightless and knowledge-related assets.

These issues are central to the EU's Lisbon objective of becoming the most competitive and knowledge-intensive economy in the world by 2010. PRISM is funded by the European Commission's IST programme.


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