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Summaries of 2,000 management methods

Includes copy and paste of text and graphics

THE 12MANAGE SMART CARD is a management encyclopedia the size of a credit card.

The card allows you to quickly study and use all VBM and many more management method summaries.

Runs on any Windows PC with USB port and Internet Explorer. Credit card size. No Internet connection needed!

The smart card is recommended if you'd like to:
  • Develop your management skills
  • Prepare business presentations
  • Complement your MBA study
  • Win back lost time (at client sites, in hotels, airplanes)
Includes full text search. Copy, paste and print text and graphs.  

Price: only €89 ($117)
Credit cards, PayPal, Ideal, money transfer, bank transfer, internet banking and checks are accepted. You can declare the card from your employer or tax deduct it (invoice is supplied).

Order cards for all your students / managers?
Call +31 30 2254 888 for more information.

Buy now. Price: €89 ($117)

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